BW_head_shotAssociate Professor
Marine Sciences Department

3117E Venable Hall, CB 3300
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Education and Background:

MIT, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Ph.D. 2006, M.S. 2003.

Penn State University, Civil & Environmental Engineering. B.S. 1999.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Postdoctoral Scholar 2006-2008.

Research Overview:

Our research group focuses on the fundamental fluid dynamics that govern the earth system, particularly at small scales (typically <1 km) where turbulence, convection and interactions with topography are important. The geophysical fluid dynamics that govern these scales are essential for climate processes yet are unresolved by global models of the ocean, atmosphere and climate system. We use a combination of computational, theoretical and data-driven machine-learning approaches to understand and model fluids at these scales and thereby develop more accurate models of the earth system, including the role of the ocean and atmosphere in climate change and the frequency and severity of extreme weather events under future climate scenarios. Our recent work has focused on leveraging large datasets from climate observations and simulations to develop physics-informed machine learning approaches to predicting climate and extreme events such as tropical storms, flooding and wildfire and also for wind energy resource assessment and optimization. Our group collaborates closely with other PIs in the UNC Applied Mathematics-Marine Sciences Joint Fluids Lab.